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Chronology in deutsch Chronology v České Chronology w języku polskim Chronology на русском языке

History –
Short chronological table

1952 Foundation of Dresden Transport Museum (Verkehrsmuseum; VMD)

1954 The Dresden City Council turns over the destroyed Johanneum to the Transport Museum for conversion into an exhibition building.

1955 Clearing of rubble and start of the construction work; the Johanneum is declared a 'People’s construction site' (Volksbaustelle).

1956/1958 The first exhibition on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Dresden

1958 Inauguration of the first permanent Railway exhibition

1959 Inauguration of the Shipping exhibition held in the Langer Gang colonnade.

1962 The Passenger car exhibition is inaugurated in the atrium on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the museum; the Railway exhibition area is moved into the building’s east wing.

1963 The first exhibition abroad is held at the National Technical Museum in Prague.

1965 The Single-track vehicle exhibition (bicycle and a motorcycle) is opened.

1966 Completion of interior finish construction of the Johanneum and setup of the Local public transport exhibition.

1968 With the restoration of the façade the reconstruction of the Johanneum is completed

1970/1972 Opening of the Air traffic exhibition; first vehicle shows and journeys on railway museum vehicles

1983 The beginning of use of the unique Renaissance stable courtyard (Stallhof) for cultural events

1990 The museum becomes a State Museum of the Free State of Saxony.

1992 The Dresden Steam Locomotive Festival is organized for the first time.

1993 Membership in the Verband der Deutschen Museen für Auto, Motor und Technik e.V. (Association of German automobile, engine and technology museums) (Deutsche Museumsstraße) (German Museum Road)

1994 Redesigning of the permanent Passenger car exhibition in the atrium with focus on car manufacture in Saxony and Thuringia

1996 Opening of the exhibition complex 'Meeting point for children' (Treffpunkt Kinder), featuring LGB model trains, a LEGO site and painting corner

1997 Trial operation of the 0-gauge model railway layout after 12 years of reconstruction

1998 Presentation of both the utility vehicle and the two-wheeler collection areas in an attractive new permanent exhibition

1999 First 'Dresden Summer Night of Museums' (Museums-Sommernacht-Dresden), completion of the redesigned permanent Railway exhibition on the first floor

2000 The Dresden Transport Museum launches its own website.

2002 50th year of existence of the Dresden Transport Museum, postponement of the planned celebrations due to the 'flood of the century' (Jahrhundertflut), severe flood damages in the depot on Zwickauer Straße street, completion of the permanent exhibition on German railway history from 1924 to 1993, foundation of the sponsoring association Verkehrsmuseum Dresden e. V.

2003 Reopening of the redesigned passenger car exhibition in the museum’s atrium, Museum Fest '50+1 Years of Dresden Transport Museum' on 3rd and 4th May

2006 Change in sponsorship: The VMD is converted into a gGmbH. Partners are the City of Dresden and the Society for supporting the Dresden Transport Museum

2007 Opening of the first part of the renewed and reorganized permanent Shipping exhibition with focus on inland navigation in the Langer Gang colonnade (18 December)

2008 The Dresden Transport Museum presents its new visual appearance and new website. Reopening of the redesigned vestibule and opening of the second part of the new permanent Shipping exhibition with focus on maritime shipping (23 October).