Wedding, Steady, Go
En Route to the Wedding of the Century 1719

  • Augustus the Strong staged one of the biggest weddings ever seen, when his son Friedrich August II. married Maria Josepha, daughter of the Austrian Emperor, in 1719.


    Pferdegespann und Ausstellungsbesucher
    Foto: Anja Schneider (© Anja Schneider)
  • The celebrations were attended by more than 1000 mainly aristo­cratic guests from all over Europe and lasted a whole month. But how did they travel in those days?


    Foto: Anja Schneider (© Anja Schneider)
  • In the exhibition you can find out, how the bridal couple arrived in Dresden, what different means of transport there were at the time, and what travelling involved in the early modern period.


    Foto: Anja Schneider (© Anja Schneider)
  • Modelled on a Baroque garden, the exhibition allows visitors to discover vehicles from the 18th century, follow the bride on her journey from Vienna, or simply head straight for the celebrations.

    Der Achtspänner erwacht mittels Augmented Reality vor der Kutsche zum Leben
    Foto: Anja Schneider (© Anja Schneider)

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