Verkehrsmuseum Dresden gGmbH
in the Johanneum at the Neumarkt
Augustusstraße 1
01067 Dresden
Phone +49 (351) 8644-0
Fax +49 (351) 8644-110

Staff and contact persons at the Transport Museum

Portrait vom Direktor und Geschäftsführer Dr. Michael Vogt

Dr. Michael Vogt

Director/Managing Director

+49 (351) 8644-100

Foto Susanne Vogt

Foto Elke Bahn

Elke Bahn

Department Manager Central Affairs

+49 (351) 8644-111

Foto Andrea Schädlich

Foto Manuel Halbauer

Manuel Halbauer

Division Manager
Public Relations/Marketing

+49 (351) 8644-131

Foto Josephine Wolf

Josephine Wolf

Public Relations/Marketing

+49 (351) 8644-134

Foto Gabriele Manke

Gabriele Manke

Education and Communi­cation

+49 (351) 8644-136

Foto Nicole Auerswald

Nicole Auerswald

Education and Communi­cation

+49 (351) 8644-135

Mitarbeiterin Eventmanagement Sonja Hauschild

Sonja Hauschild

Event Management

+49 (351) 8644-132

Lutz Kegel

Division Manager Technology/Internal Services

+49 (351) 8644-141

Thomas Eisentraut

Division Manager Collections/Exhibitions

+49 (351) 8644-173

Foto Sven Bracke

Sven Bracke

Curator Railway Transport
Curator Navigation

+49 (351) 8644-171

Foto Dana Runge

Dana Runge

Transport History Documen­tation

+49 (0) 351 8644-186

Maria Niklaus

Curator Road Transport
Curator Aviation

+49 (351) 8644-174

Foto Ulrike Krautz

Ulrike Krautz

Transport History Documen­tation
Documents, Photographs and Special Collections

+49 (351) 8644-181

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