Railway history in miniature –
the model railway

225 locomotives and carriages, 785 metres of track, five stations:
Our elaborate model train set lets visitors lose themselves in a lovingly crafted miniature world.

  • Countless railway legends, such as the Schienen­zeppelin or the Saxonia, traverse mountain and valley, land and city at the Transport Museum. Spanning 325 m², the model train set is one of the world’s largest in 0-scale size, which means that vehicles are built to a scale of 1:45. Many of the locomotives and carriages have been crafted individually or were produced in small series. They have dutifully completed their rounds for decades now, which is why they need the occasional well-deserved rest.

    Tisch mit Modelleisenbahnlandschaft
Operation (approx. 10 minutes at a time)
Tuesday, 09. July 2024
11 am / 4 pm
Wednesday, 10. July 2024
11 am / 4 pm
Thursday, 11. July 2024
11 am / 4 pm
Friday, 12. July 2024
11 am / 4 pm
Saturday, 13. July 2024
11 am / 2 pm / 4 pm
Sunday, 14. July 2024
11 am / 2 pm / 4 pm
  • There is plenty to discover on the railway:
    Can you find the turkey strutting behind the workers?
    And has a crime been committed in the woods?

    Opa, Vater und Sohn betrachten Modelle

Source: Markus Lenz/www.pennula.de

Find the exhibition here:

Lageplan Museum - Ausstellungsräume Modelleisenbahn

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