Mouse stations –
the Children’s Route

Kids can unlock the secrets of the Transport Museum in their own personal way: solving puzzles, experi­menting and playing games (both digital and otherwise) at the so-called mouse stations, which can be found in all the permanent exhibitions. Here they can unravel the mysteries of transport by road, railway, water and air.

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  • The Transport Museum is not only home to huge locomotives, elegant vintage cars, and daredevil aircraft, it’s also home to our beloved Museum Mouse, Flitzi. Wherever Flitzi pops up, you can be sure that there’s something there for children to discover and enjoy.

    Children aged between 3 and 6 can locate our little mouse stations in all the permanent exhibitions, where they will have to use all their senses to master the tasks and solve the puzzles. Can they put the gear wheels in the right places to make the gears go? Is that an aircraft or a bat they can feel? What’s that sound? A car honking, or maybe a tram?

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  • How artist Anja Maria Eisen draws Flitzi

    Watch how artist Anja Maria Eisen draws Flitzi the Mouse.

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    Museumsmaus Flitzi wird gezeichnet

More experiences for children

  • Aviation Experiments Room

    How do planes stay in the air? And why does a balloon rise? Find out the answers to these and many other questions by doing exciting experiments all about the phenomenon of air.

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  • Transport Garden

    Visit our fun adventure area to learn all about the highway code as you hit the road on a bobby car track complete with signs, signals and tunnels! You can also compete to see who cycles the hardest, as measured by ergometers, solve puzzles, build Lego and do crafts.

    Junge fährt auf einem Bobby-Car und Mädchen öffnet eine Schranke

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