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  • The Dresden Transport Museum examines all aspects of human mobility, from the past right up to the present day and beyond.

    How has human mobility evolved and how has transport changed society? These are the key questions posed by the Dresden Transport Museum in all its activities.

    For this reason, the museum collects and preserves objects and documents pertaining to the history of transport. It seeks to tell the story behind its exhibits through exciting special and permanent exhibitions, as well as through lectures and publications.

    The Transport Museum is geared towards technology-minded enthusiasts as much as visitors with a general interest in culture and history. It offers families the chance to spend some time together in a setting that is both illumi­nating and enjoyable, and appeals to tourists from all over the globe. It also aims to cater to all age groups, offering a range of appropriate educational services. Thus the museum is a place where people across the generations can gather to learn and experience new things.

    The Transport Museum invites visitors to adopt a hands-on approach to the history of transport, with entertaining interactive attractions. A visit to the Transport Museum is intended to be fun and entertaining as well as educational.

    The Transport Museum is an open, accessible establishment that invites its visitors to experience the story of human transportation through the centuries, as told by the various specimens throughout the museum. It also serves as a platform for discussions about urban society.

    With its wide range of exhibitions and events, the goal of the Transport Museum is to broaden horizons and encourage critical thinking. The Transport Museum considers itself to be a place of togeth­erness, with a cosmopolitan attitude, open to new and different things.

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