The world of
mobility as an event venue

Turn your event into an unforgettable experience at the Transport Museum in the city centre. The Johanneum, formerly the royal stables to the Saxon court, situated on Dresden’s Neumarkt square – in the heart of the city by the Frauenkirche – is an incredible locale for your event.

Gedeckter Tisch mit einem BMW 340 im Hintergrund
  • Your guests can expect exclusive attractions from the mobility world: the place where princes and kings once ‘parked’ their horses and carriages today accommodates a unique variety of vehicles to admire and enjoy ‒ histor­ically significant locomotives, automobiles from all eras, classic and rare bicycles and motorcycles, legendary aircraft and magnificent ship models.

    In fine weather, the English steps outside greets guests in spectacular style at the Neumarkt.

    Catering in der Ausstellung Schifffahrt
  • Location 1: Atrium

    As the central room in the Johanneum on the ground floor, the atrium is ideally suited to many types of events. Large windows allow guests to take a peek at the adjoining exhibitions on the history of mobility. Our impres­sively designed exhibitions on road transport and the railway are located in the two neighbouring vaulted halls.

    Ground floor
    Floor space
    228 m²
    Banquet seating
    140 people
    Bar tables
    190 people
    Bankettbestuhlung im Lichthof
  • Location 2: Railway exhibition

    Incorporate the free space surrounding the large exhibits in the railway exhibition in the eastern vaulted hall on the ground floor when planning your event.

    The railway exhibition depicts the stages of railway history in Saxony and Germany. It houses a very special guest: The Saxonia is the only original replica of the first working German locomotive.

    Ground floor
    Floor space
    126 m²
    Banquet seating
    30 people
    Bar tables
    50 people
  • Location 3: Aviation exhibition

    In possibly the most beautiful room in the building, overlooking the Neumarkt, the impres­sively staged exhibition “Air Travel” invites guests to gaze in wonder. Soar away on a thrilling expedition through 200 years of aviation history.

    Your guests will be given an evening to remember amid the exhibition, in the company of deceptively real aviation pioneers Wilhelmine Reichard, Otto Lilienthal, Count von Zeppelin, Hans Grade and Hugo Junkers.

    1st floor
    Floor space
    93 m²
    Banquet seating
    80 people
    Bar tables
    130 people
    Event in der Ausstellung Luftfahrt
  • Location 4: Navigation exhibition

    Welcome on board: Your guests can embark on a journey through 1000 years of inland and maritime navigation in a spectacular, stylised ship’s hull. The cosy lounge atmosphere complements the atrium or café in an ideal way.

    1st floor
    Floor space
    86 m²
    Banquet seating
    48 people
    Bar tables
    60 people
    Event in der Ausstellung Schifffahrt
  • Location 5: Stop off

    Enjoy in style: Treat your guests to unique views of the historic stable yard in the special exhibition display area with its integrated café with vending machines. The replica of an industrial-style workshop offers the perfect setting for a workshop or reception.

    1st floor
    Floor space
    78 m²
    30 people
    Event in der Raststätte mit eingedeckten Tischen



  • Visit to all exhibitions within the booking period
  • Additional room costs (cleaning, Transport Museum staff)
  • Use of the rooms for setting up and dismantling
  • WiFi
  • Admission

additional bookable:

  • Guided tours or live speaker on request
  • Monitor in the atrium

For your catering and sound technology, we recommend our in-house companies.
The caterer will take care of all your gastronomic needs during the event, as well as furniture.
Our list of recommended partners can be found below.
Or please contact us to discuss and choose your preferred service provider.

Sound technology:

Visitors to the Transport Museum must not be disturbed while you are setting up and dismantling during museum opening hours from 10 am to 6 pm.

Catering and sound technology at our premises must be cleared away straight after the event by the companies you hire, so that we can undertake the necessary cleaning work and the museum can operate as usual the following day.

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