General Terms and Conditions

for purchasing tickets for Verkehrsmuseum Dresden gGmbH

(As at: 1 March 2018)

Note: To improve readability, male and female pronouns are not used in parallel. All references to persons apply to both sexes.



  1. Scope
  2. Subject of the contract
  3. Conclusion of the contract
    3.1 Tickets
    3.2 Purchasing online tickets
    3.3 Prices
    3.4 Services provided by the Transport Museum
    3.5 Withdrawal from the contract
    3.6 Liability
  4. Data protection
  5. Final provisions

1. Scope

The following General Terms and Conditions apply to the contractual relationship entered into by Verkehrsmuseum Dresden gGmbH (Transport Museum in the following) and its customers in connection with the purchase of tickets to visit the Transport Museum. By purchasing tickets, the customer recognizes these Terms and Conditions in their current version as the basis for the contractual relationship.
The Transport Museum reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without giving a reason; such changes do not apply to tickets that have already been purchased.

In addition, the General Terms and Conditions for events apply to events of the Transport Museum that take place outside the museum.
For an overview of all General Terms and Conditions of Verkehrsmuseum Dresden gGmbH, see our homepage.

2. Subject of the contract

The Transport Museum offers tickets for purchase that entitle the holder to visit the museum once (with the exception of annual tickets).
By purchasing a ticket, the ticket holder (customer) and the Transport Museum enter into a contractual relationship regarding their visit to the museum.
The current prices as well as information about discounts and free entrance can be found on our homepage and under 3.3 Prices.
The rules for visitors to the Transport Museum can be found on our homepage.

3. Conclusion of the contract

3.1 Tickets

There are various ways to purchase a ticket for the Transport Museum:

  • At the ticket office in the museum
  • Via the museum’s homepage at
  • By invoice after ordering in writing (shipping plus postage)
  • By voucher or collective invoice (only by individual arrangement)

The ticket (with the exception of annual tickets) entitles the holder to visit the Transport Museum one time only.
The ticket must be carried at all times during your stay at the museum and shown on request.
The ticket becomes invalid (with the exception of annual tickets) when you leave the museum.
After receiving/printing out the ticket, the customer must ensure that no unauthorized third party can gain access to it. Should the ticket be copied by another person or be lost before it is redeemed, the customer must bear the damage. The Transport Museum will not reimburse the ticket price if the ticket is lost or misused.

3.2 Purchasing online tickets

Online tickets can be booked via the system of Ticket­counter OS GmbH (Ticket­counter in the following). Ticket­counter handles the entire ticket buying process from ordering to payment on behalf of the Transport Museum. By ordering tickets online, the customer assigns Ticket­counter with processing the ticket sale. The booking and payment process is subject to Ticket­counter’s Terms and Conditions. The booking can only be activated after the customer has accepted and confirmed that they have read these Terms and Conditions. The Transport Museum is not liable for errors in the booking and payment of online tickets.
Once the transaction has been successfully completed, Ticket­counter will send the tickets to the customer by e-mail as a pdf file. The customer prints out the online tickets themselves or displays the tickets on their mobile phone. One ticket is required per person.
The tickets are only valid for the day or the time printed on the ticket. If the ticket is not used on this day or within this time window (e.g. in the case of a discount valid for a limited period of time), the ticket loses its validity; Ticket­counter will not reimburse the price.
As long as the booked date has not expired, the purchase agreement can be revoked exclusively via Ticket­counter at the conditions specified by Ticket­counter.
As a basic principle, tickets purchased in the online shop cannot be returned to and reimbursed at the ticket office in the Transport Museum. As long as the tickets have not yet been validated and the booked day/period has not expired, the tickets can be transferred to another day at the ticket office (stamp, date, signature of the member of staff at the ticket office required).

Temporary discounts offered by the museum that were not available at the time of booking the ticket online cannot be deducted subsequently. The ticket price cannot be partially reimbursed at the museum ticket office.

Online tickets must not be folded at the barcode, exposed to strong light or heat, or be otherwise damaged, as this could result in the barcode becoming unreadable and therefore invalid. The customer must ensure a good print quality when printing the ticket. The Transport Museum is not required to accept unreadable online tickets.
The barcode is validated electron­ically on admission to the Transport Museum or at the ticket office. This prevents the ticket from being used more than once.
The customer is not entitled to reproduce, copy or change the printed ticket. The supervisory staff can refuse admission if an entrance ticket bought online has been copied and the access code has already been validated.

3.3 Prices

The currently valid prices of the Transport Museum apply.
The prices can be found in the current price list on the homepage of the Transport Museum.
The Transport Museum reserves the right to change the prices at any time; these changes do not apply to tickets that have already been purchased.
In addition to tickets for fully paying adults, the Transport Museum offers various concessions, e.g. for families, groups and certain categories of people.
The ticket prices apply to the services offered by the Transport Museum on the day for which the ticket is bought during the opening times from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, regardless of any additional services or activities (e.g., special exhibitions, special events) offered by the Transport Museum on other days. No additional fee is charged for these supple­mentary services; visitors therefore are not entitled to subsequent price reductions if none of these additional services are offered.
Any reductions or reimbursements of the entrance price are at the sole discretion of the Transport Museum. Visitors do not have a right to a concession or reimbursement.
Concessions and free tickets are only valid with a corresponding identity card. This must be presented at the entrance during ticket control. Otherwise, the Transport Museum reserves the right to not recognize the concession.

A. The following persons are granted free entrance:
  • Children under 6 years
  • Children with a Dresden Pass or social pass, children with a holiday pass
  • Members of the Friends of Dresden Transport Museum
  • Journalists with a press card
  • Members of ICOM, IATM, DMB, SMB, Association of German Conservators
  • Persons accompanying someone with a severe disability with a disabled person’s pass specifying their need for an accompanying person
  • Volunteers at the VMD (list of names at the ticket office)
  • Tourist guides (including guides from Dresden Airport), tour guides and bus drivers
B. The following persons are entitled to a concession:
  • Children older than 6 years, schoolchildren, trainees and apprentices, students
  • People with a severe disability
  • Unemployed persons, retrainees
  • Federal service volunteers, people completing a voluntary social, cultural or ecological year
  • Holders of the Dresden Pass for adults
  • International Student Identity Card holders
  • Holders of a cultural pass card (Euroregion Elbe/Labe)
C. Family tickets:

The special rate for families only applies to the following constel­lations visiting the museum at the same time:

  • Small family ticket – max. 1 adult accompanying at least 1 child and max. 2 children
  • Larger family ticket – max. 2 adults accompanying at least 1 child and max. 4 children
D. Group prices:

Price reductions are granted to groups of at least 10 people.
Group prices are only granted for 10 tickets or more purchased for the same day.

E. Discounts:

The Transport Museum reserves the right to carry out variable and time-limited discounts at its own discretion at any time.

F. Special events:

Different entrance prices may apply for special events (e.g. Museum Night). In this case, visitors are not entitled to the normal entrance prices.

3.4 Services provided by the Transport Museum

Purchasing a ticket entitles the ticket holder to one-time admission to the Transport Museum during the opening hours and to take advantage of the services available to visitors on that day.
Annual tickets are valid for one year starting on the day of the first visit.

The scope, duration and content of the exhibitions change regularly at the discretion of the Transport Museum. The ticket holder does not have a right to services available at the time the ticket was bought, but only to those available on the day of their visit to the museum.

The Transport Museum reserves the right to close the museum at any time without prior notice due to special events, for reasons of safety, due to unfore­seeable technical disruptions or for other reasons. In these cases, the price of the ticket will be reimbursed. Any other rights beyond this are expressly excluded.

3.5 Withdrawal from the contract

If customers are not able to visit the museum at the instigation of the Transport Museum, e.g. for reasons beyond their control, due to disasters, etc., customers will be reimbursed the price of the ticket by the museum. Further reimbursements (e.g. travel costs) are explicitly excluded.

Should the customer not be able to use the services of the museum (visit the museum) for reasons that are not the respon­si­bility of the Transport Museum, it is at the sole discretion of the Transport Museum to arrange an alternative with the customer (e.g. change the date to a later point in time). The customer may write to the Transport Museum by e-mail to This e-mail must be received by the Transport Museum before the booked time has expired for the change to be made in time. The tickets cannot be returned to the museum in exchange for the refund of the entrance price.

As a rule, tickets purchased in the online shop cannot be returned and refunded at the ticket office of the Transport Museum. The purchase agreement can only be rescinded via Ticket­counter at the conditions specified by Ticket­counter. Ticket­counter may demand a fee from the customer for rescinding the purchase agreement. The Terms and Conditions of Ticket­counter apply. Online tickets purchased for a specific day cannot be reimbursed once the date has expired. If the ticket is not used, it loses its validity.

In the case of loss or damage to a ticket, the ticket price cannot be reimbursed or a replacement ticket provided in principle.

3.6 Liability

Verkehrsmuseum Dresden gGmbH:
The Transport Museum is liable according to the provisions of the law if it culpably violates a fundamental contractual obligation or if damages claimed by the customer are due to intent or gross negligence on the part of the Transport Museum. Provided that the Transport Museum is not accused of wilful breach of contract, its liability is restricted to foreseeable, typically occurring damage. In all other cases, liability is excluded.
Regardless of the manner in which financial order processing is done, the Transport Museum is not responsible for any cases of fraud or cancel­lations due to the use of credit cards or other forms of payment.
Online tickets can be booked and paid via the system of Ticket­counter OS GmbH, a technical service provider. Ticket­counter OS GmbH is liable to the customer for carrying out the purchase transaction correctly. The Transport Museum does not assume respon­si­bility for this.
The Transport Museum is not liable for the loss, damage or misuse of a ticket.
If the online ticket is copied or otherwise reproduced by a third party, or if the ticket is lost before it is validated, the customer shall bear the damage. Replacement or reimbursement of the purchase price by the Transport Museum is excluded. Once the ticket is delivered or received by the customer, the customer is liable and must protect the ticket against damage, loss, theft or misuse.
The Transport Museum is not responsible for unreadable online tickets due to the barcode being illegible as a result of poor paper or printing quality.

The customer is liable for any damage they may cause. Legal represen­tatives are liable for damage caused by the person they represent; in particular, parents are liable for their children.

4. Data protection

You can visit the website of Verkehrsmuseum Dresden gGmbH (Transport Museum) at, without disclosing any personal details. The Transport Museum only collects personal data provided during the ordering process in the online shop.

The service provider Ticket­counter OS GmbH (Ticket­counter) processes personal customer data in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act or the EU General Data Protection Regulation that came into force on 18 May 2018. Only data are processed or used that are required to provide the services or whose use is legally permitted. The data are collected, processed and used in the course of the automated procedure to the extent required for the contractual relationship. They are not stored/processed for other purposes. Ticket­counter will not pass on the personal data of customers who have bought a ticket via its system or of visitors to the Transport Museum to third parties or use them for other purposes. Regarding the personal data of persons who buy tickets via the system of Ticket­counter, Ticket­counter is subject to the laws and guidelines in accordance with the opt-in principle.

5. Final provisions

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship between the customer and the Transport Museum is the headquarters of the Transport Museum in Dresden.
The applicable law is that of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Should one or several provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become partially or wholly invalid or lose their legal validity, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

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